Players react to Favre block

August 31st, 2009 – 11:46 PM by Chip Scoggins

HOUSTON — We’ll have lots more analysis from the Vikings 17-10 victory against the Texans later, but Brett Favre’s illegal block on safety Eugene Wilson got a lot of attention in both locker rooms after the game. 

“I liked it,” tight end Visanthe Shiancoe said. “Hey, it’s man eat man out here. You better keep your eyes on a swivel. He saw Brett out there and said, ‘Ah, Brett ain’t going to do anything.’”

The play came in the third quarter with the Vikings lined up in the Wildcat formation. Percy Harvin lined up in the backfield while Favre split out wide left.

Harvin took the snap and ran to his left. Favre peeled back to block and went low on Wilson, who did not see the hit coming. Wilson immediately grabbed his left knee in obvious pain and left the game. Favre was called for an illegal crackback block.

Afterward, Favre said he didn’t intend to injure Wilson but felt he had little choice but to protect Harvin.

“Percy was running my way,” Favre said. “Believe me, I hope he’s OK. I hope it didn’t look as bad on film as it may have seemed but my intentions, believe me, were not to hurt anyone, including myself. Percy was running my way, I was out there, there’s going to be those people who say you should have done nothing. Get out of the way. But I think had I not blocked anyone and just got out of the way and Percy gets hit and gets hurt, I think that looks worse. But once again I hope he’s OK. Believe me, my intentions were not to be cheap. … I’ll be 40 years old in October and was weeding 13 days ago. I wasn’t thinking about throwing blocks.”

Harvin said he appreciated the help.

“Actually he kind of scared me because I kind of forgot he was out there,” Harvin said. “After I turned the corner I saw him flash across my face. It was good to see him still get down a little. I appreciated the block.”

Said running back Adrian Peterson: “He’s just playing ball. I’m sure he wouldn’t do anything to intentionally hurt the guy. He’s just out there playing ball.”

Not surprisingly, Wilson viewed it differently.

“I don’t have too much to say about it,” Wilson said. “I didn’t speak to him about it, to see if it was on purpose or not.”

Asked what he would say to Favre, Wilson said: “What was up with that? Seriously, what was up with that?”

Wilson then admitted that the conversation wouldn’t have been that cordial. “I’m being a little nicer than I probably would’ve been out there if I spoke to him,” he said.

Wilson said he thinks his knee will be OK and that it doesn’t appear to be too serious right now. Asked if he wanted to return and take a shot at Favre, Wilson responded: “No comment.”

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