The wait for Favre will continue

July 12th, 2009 – 11:30 PM by Judd Zulgad

While it was interesting that Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell made the trip to Hattiesburg last week to watch Brett Favre throw, the really interesting piece of information from the latest ESPN story on the situation was this: “Favre also warned the Vikings representatives that he might be forced to delay a decision on whether to play until just before the team opens training camp on July 29 in Mankato, Minn.”

Actually, the Vikings report to training camp on July 29 and begin practicing two days later, but that doesn’t change the point. Those who had this week in the “When will Favre announce his return pool” likely aren’t going to be winners.

There has been speculation that because Vikings’ single-game tickets are set to go on sale July 20 — by the way, I still don’t think the team has officially confirmed this — Favre was going to announce his return this week and thus tickets sales would be brisk a week from Monday. But the assumption in using that line of thought is that Favre is on board with the Vikings’ grand scheme when it comes to their marketing plan.

To that I say: Give me a break.

Remember, Favre admitted in his HBO appearance in June that Brad Childress asked the quarterback to attend the Vikings’ offseason workouts even though he wouldn’t have been asked to take part after having surgery on his throwing arm. Favre told Childress he didn’t want the media frenzy and said no.

If Favre is going to tell Childress, his future head coach, what his ground rules are going to be, he certainly isn’t going to worry about when the sale of Vikings’ single-game tickets begin.

The question now is how long can this drag on because it sure seems set to go until the last possible minute. As Chip said tonight, ”are they going to introduce Favre on July 30?” That’s the day after the Vikings report in Mankato and a day before they begin practice.

Mike Florio of the website ProFootballtalk suggested that Favre could be trying to get more money out of the Vikings. That would be interesting given there have been reports that a deal with Favre was essentially done.

The simpler explanation would be that Favre not only wants as much time as possible to test his arm, but more likely doesn’t want to hassle with being under the Vikings’ thumb until it’s absolutely necessary. The fact we already know he denied Childress’ request to show up in Minnesota and spend time with his (potential) future teammates also is a sign of how much he wants to avoid the media circus.

One would have to think the Vikings’ desire was to get this done this week and have a news conference in the Twin Cities where they could get the maximum bang for their buck. But if Favre went along with that, he knows he would then have to do another big news conference when training camp opens.

His desire, as evidenced by what he told Joe Buck on HBO, is to limit the media circus. That means one news conference and if it’s done in Mankato, heck, Favre probably thinks that would be all the better. 

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