Favre agreement would be no surprise

June 21st, 2009 – 5:17 PM by Judd Zulgad

First off, a happy Father’s Day to all you dads in the reading audience.

We knew your day would not be complete without a piece of Brett Favre news/speculation and so here it goes. (We interrupt this post to apologize to all of you who are sick of Favre rumors and just want the deal to be announced. You’re likely going to have to wait until mid-July at the earliest.)

The website got a tip that Favre already has signed with the Vikings and that the team and the quarterback are waiting to release the news. This led us to send a text message to Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, asking if this was correct and that Favre’s contract was a done deal. Cook replied with a ”nope.”

So what do we make of all this? It’s simple really: Based on what Favre and Vikings coach Brad Childress have said in the past week, Favre is going to end his retirement to play for the Vikings if his surgically repaired arm allows him to.

And at this point, the arm is the only sticking point.

There have been plenty of rumblings of late that negotiations already had started — Favre is a free agent and thus there was nothing to stop contract talks — and that getting a deal in place wasn’t going to be that difficult. We had speculated a few weeks back that the contract might be an issue, but it’s hard to believe Favre would have been willing to undergo arthroscopic surgery on his partially torn right biceps if he didn’t think a financial agreement was going to get worked out.

One has to think that when Dr. James Andrews performed the surgery in late May, both the Vikings and Favre were comfortable with the contract situation. Remember, surgery was a last resort for Favre.

Cook, though, very well could be telling the truth in that Favre hasn’t signed. But it’s hard to believe that some type of verbal agreement already hasn’t been reached.

If Favre decides he can’t play, the deal goes away. If he decides his arm is sound, he signs and heads to Mankato. And the Vikings start selling No. 4 Brett Favre jerseys, which according to the report on PFT, already have been green-lighted by the team.


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