Childress: Favre pain free right now

June 19th, 2009 – 4:27 PM by Judd Zulgad

Vikings coach Brad Childress told KFAN Radio host Dan Barreiro this afternoon that his understanding is that Brett Favre is “pain free” right now. The retired quarterback indicated on HBO on Monday night that if his surgically repaired right shoulder shows the necessary improvement that he likely would end his retirement and play for the Vikings in 2009.

“My understanding is that he is pain free right now,” Childress said. “Does he have the endurance and the stamina in that arm yet? He doesn’t know that yet. It’s no different than grabbing a golf club for the first time during the year when you rip around 18 holes around and you wake up the next day and your side hurts. You say, ‘Geez, I haven’t felt that muscle in a while.’ So he’s got to build some endurance in that and see if he thinks he can get it back to where he wants to get it to.”

Childress said he isn’t getting daily reports from Mississippi. Vikings trainer Eric Sugarman visited Favre on Sunday to go over exercises he could do to help him recover from arthroscopic surgery he underwent in late May to repair a partially torn biceps. ”There is a little bit of time here,” Childress said. “It’s not a foregone conclusion that he will be here.”

Favre threw the ball to high school players this week and told a TV station, “I threw the ball OK, but OK isn’t good  enough in the National Football League.”

Childress also said he wasn’t upset that Favre revealed so much about his situation with the Vikings during his HBO interview. Childress told Barreiro that he did not see Joe Buck’s interview with Favre because he was actually traveling to New York. (We assume Childress was not en route to New York to see Favre.) Childress said he later saw highlights of the interview and also a transcript.

“I didn’t hear anything that was false,” Childress said of his reaction to Favre’s comments. “I said the other night down at the State Theatre [during the "State of the Vikings" event] that I know that he’s not going to play this year unless he can do it exactly the way he has done it in the past. It’s folly to think all of a sudden, well, ‘I will play the way Marc Bulger does or I’ll play the way Kurt Warner [does].’ He’s going to play the way Brett Favre plays and he’s the one who is going to know if he has full control of his faculties or not.”

The interview is going on on KFAN right now and we’ll have more later.

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