Edwards: Favre’s prima donna act would have to end

June 18th, 2009 – 2:56 PM by Judd Zulgad

Defensive end Ray Edwards made it clear a few weeks back at a Vikings community event that despite all the speculation of Brett Favre coming to the team, he thought his good friend Tarvaris Jackson should be the Vikings’ starting quarterback in 2009.

Edwards, who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, hasn’t changed his tune today as he appears on ESPN’s many platforms during a visit to Bristol, Conn.

According to our friend Kevin Seifert over at, Edwards had some strong feelings about the fact Favre had his own area in which to dress while playing in Green Bay and with the Jets. “You’ve got to go to war with these guys,” Edwards said on “First Take” on ESPN2. “If you don’t want to share a locker room with [your teammates], that’s kind of b.s.”

Favre did have a locker assigned to him with the Packers and Jets but in both cases he used a separate area to dress. “I wouldn’t like it that much,” Edwards said. “Everybody else has got to share a locker room. What makes you so different?”

Edwards later taped an interview that has been airing on ESPN News throughout the afternoon. Here is the portion that involved questions about Favre.

Q. How would you feel about having Brett Favre as your quarterback?

A. “It would be a great thing to have because he’s a Hall of Fame quarterback. I mean who has been the best quarterback of the past 10 years besides Brett Favre? He’s definitely a Hall of Fame quarterback, put up the numbers and he’ll make things happen for his team. So definitely a great addition to our team.”

Q. I’m curious to whether you’re being politically correct right here because there are a number of stories on the Internet that have you saying that most of the guys on the team do not want him as the team’s QB.

A. “I never said we didn’t want him. We just don’t want him to bring his prima donna attitude to our team. Because I feel that will break a team apart.”

Q. What do you mean by prima donna attitude?

A. “Wanting your own locker room and not signing autographs for your teammates and things like that. That’s kind of prima donna-ish to me.”

Q. So if he does come in with not signing autographs and needs his own locker room how does that play out with you guys?

A. “I don’t think it will divide the team but it will divide us from him. Having his back and things like that. Like I said, you’ve got to trust each other in this game we call football because it’s not an individual sport. So him not having our trust [means] it will definitely be hard for us to trust him.”

Q. How is this playing out with Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels?

A. “They are not really paying attention. I think they are just pretty much battling between each other. Between them who is going to be the starting quarterback this year. Not worrying about the competition that’s not there. That being Brett Favre.”

Q. If the Favre thing doesn’t workout how much confidence does the entire team have in either one of those guys?

A. “I mean Tarvaris took us to the playoffs last year. Why not have confidence in him because he’s proven himself to be able to be that quarterback to take us to the playoffs.”

Q. You have been outspoken in your support of Jackson.

A. “Absolutely. Because he’s a quarterback that can make the plays and make the throws. It has been proven. We won with him last year and we can win with him this year.”

Q. If Brad Childress came to you today and said you get to make the decision who do you want as your QB?

A. “Tarvaris. Hands down. Like I said, he can make the throws, he’s able to escape the pocket if he has to and make plays with his feet.”


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