Childress and Wilf talk Favre

June 17th, 2009 – 8:10 PM by Chip Scoggins

The first question from season-ticket holders naturally was about Brett Favre. Both Brad Childress and Zygi Wilf basically said the ball is in Favre’s court and it’s up to him whether he plays.

Wilf said he did not see Favre’s interview but heard favorable reports. 

“We will do the most we can to get the players we need to be a better team,” Wilf said. “If that means Brett Favre or means sombody else, we’ll go after them. We’ll just have to wait and see. Right now it’s all up to Brett Favre to determine what his future is.”

Here was Childress’ response to the question.

“[Favre] said everything that he needed to say,” Childress said referring to the HBO interview. “He’s trying to make a push to get back. I know he won’t play unless he feels like he’s capable of playing at level he’s played over the course of his career.

“There’s no downside to good players. As far as distractions, if distractions are good football players, we’ll take all the distractions.”

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