Childress sports a different look (check out the video!)

May 31st, 2009 – 2:47 PM by Judd Zulgad

Until this morning I had only heard rumors of the visor and wig combination that Vikings coach Brad Childress sported at the Senior Bowl practices in January. But the Twin Cities media got its first look at one of Childress’ most interesting purchases during today’s final day of minicamp practice at Winter Park.

Childress, who as most everyone knows is bald on top, wore the visor/wig for the entire practice and even during his interview with the media. Thus, Childress suddenly had spiked brown hair. He also had some players who had no idea who he was. “There’s a bunch of those guys who walked up and had no idea who [I was],” he said. “My wife tells me all the time, ‘It’s the bald head that gives you away. Put a hat on.’” 

Childress said his wife, Dru-Ann, purchased the item for him in Florida. Childress first saw the visor when he struck up a conversation with a bald man who was wearing one that had platinum blonde spikes.

Suddenly, Childress saw a way to go incognito, not to mention have some fun. (Childress might seem no-nonsense but he’s actually got a very dry sense of humor that comes off much better through the electronic media than it does in print.) “I wore it to the Senior Bowl with a little bit of a beard and some sun glasses,” he said. “I looked probably 15 people that I know pretty well in the face and was able to fool them. They didn’t know who it was. Including members of my staff.”

Childress went with the look Sunday in honor of a website dedicated to that great haircut known as the mullet. Vikings defensive end Jared Allen has long embraced the mullet, which I believe used to be known in these parts as hockey hair. ”It’s kind of in honor of Jared’s mullet,” Childress said. “He told me there’s a website specifically dedicated to mullet’s and this is about as good as I can do.”

However, don’t expect to see Childress’ visor/wig on Sundays during the season. “Only if it had a Reebok across the top of it,” he said, referencing the fact the look might violate what NFL coaches can wear on the sideline. “I think I’d be treading on real bad ground if I wore this during the year.”

Thanks to our friend Seth Kaplan at FOX9 you can check out the video of Childress with his wig on by clicking here.

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