Foreman: ‘Fran’s entitled to his opinion’

May 28th, 2009 – 12:16 AM by Judd Zulgad

Fran Tarkenton’s comments about Brett Favre on an Atlanta radio station this week – thanks to for pointing it out to us — caused quite a stir. Will Tarkenton stick by those comments? We will find out at 11 this morning when the former Vikings quarterback is scheduled to be a guest on Paul Allen’s show on KFAN Radio (1130 AM).

Meanwhile, at least one of Tarkenton’s former teammates disagrees with him when it comes to Favre. Chuck Foreman, a Pro Bowl running back who played with the Vikings from 1973-79, makes it clear that he would welcome Favre’s presence in purple and has no problems with how the future Hall of Fame quarterback has conducted himself. “I wouldn’t expect him to be so demeaning because a guy wants to continue to play football,” Foreman said of Tarkenton. “Fran’s entitled to his opinion, it’s just that my opinion is totally opposite.”

Foreman said Monday night that he hadn’t heard any of Tarkenton’s exact quotes on Favre, so this one was relayed to him. “I think it’s despicable. What he put the Packers through last year was not good,” Tarkenton told 790 The Zone in Atlanta. “Here’s an organization that was loyal to him for [16 years], provided stability, provided players. It just wasn’t about Brett Favre. In this day and time, we have glorified the Brett Favres of the world so much, they think it’s about them. He goes to New York and bombs. He’s 39 years old. How would you like Ray Nitschke in his last year [playing for] the Vikings, or I retire, and go play for the Packers? I kind of hope it happens, so he can fail.”

Here is Foreman’s response to Tarkenton’s quote:

“Number one, I’m a big Brett Favre fan. Number two, the New York Jets, where he went to play [in 2008], were a mediocre team or less when he got there and he took them to an above average team. He didn’t have the talent surrounding him, he had the injury. At 39, Brett Favre is better than 80 percent of the quarterbacks in the NFL anyway. I don’t think age should be a factor and if the man wants to play, he should be able to play.

“Loyalty in this game is not what it used to be. If you’re not playing well, they drop you like a hot iron. Brett Favre should play and I hope he’s playing with the Vikings. But as far as being selfish goes, I think some people need to look in the mirror. In this game, there’s some selfishness in all of us. So to say that Brett is selfish or that the Packers gave him … he gave the Packers just as much as they gave him.

“The Packers decided they no longer wanted him and they made their move and that’s understandable. But I’m tired of hearing people talk about guys when they get older that they should retire, especially when they can still play. I think if Brett Favre was here with the Vikings it automatically makes them a contender for a Super Bowl. We have everything. We have a defense, we’ve got Adrian Peterson. … Now don’t misunderstand, I respect and I care a lot about Fran and all that. But I don’t agree with his statement.”

Foreman was asked if he felt Tarkenton needed to look in the mirror. “I’m talking about everybody that played the game had some selfishness in them,” Foreman said. “That’s just the way it is. You want to play well for the team but you want your own individual goals, too. And at times there’s some selfishness in this game.”


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