Catching up with Sidney Rice

May 15th, 2009 – 11:01 AM by Chip Scoggins

I had a chance to talk to wide receiver Sidney Rice the other day. Rice talked about his recovery from a right knee injury, his offseason workouts in Miami, his goals for next season, the arrival of Percy Harvin and his new blog and twitter. Here is some of what he said:

Q: How is your knee? (Rice suffered a sprained PCL in week 2)

Rice: It’s getting better. I can really tell that it’s getting better. I’m not 100 percent yet. But I’m running routes full speed and feeling pretty good. The coaches were watching me run the other day and they can tell I’m making progress with it. I’m not too far off from it. But I should be ready coming into training camp.

Q: You said you’re close to 100 percent? What is still missing?

Rice: I still feel a little pain when I do get up to full speed or when I’m getting close to it. My main thing is strengthening my quad and my hamstring. I’ve been doing a pretty good job. When we start these OTAs I’m going to be spending extra time in the training room running in the pool on the treadmill and doing little exercises. Those exercises help me out a lot.

Q: How anxious are you for this season because of the struggles you had last season with the knee injury? I think you described your season as a “3 or 4″ out of 10.

Rice: I’m a guy who loves football, loves running around. Just being back on the field is motivation in itself.

Q: I think a lot of people think you could make a big jump this season and need to make a big leap. What do you need to do to make that happen?

Rice: I was shooting for the same thing last season. Unfortunately I got hurt and really wasn’t able to recover from it totally. I did what I could. Honestly, hopefully this is the year. I’m going to give everything that I’ve got to go out there and try and make everybody happy.

Q: What was your reaction to the team drafting Percy Harvin in the first round?

Rice: I think he’s going to be a great addition to this team. He’s a real fast guy, has great return skills. He’s just good with the ball. Watching him in college, he’s very good with the ball in his hands period.

Q: You trained in Miami this winter. What was that like?

Rice: It was crazy. A lot of throwing up.

Q: Seriously?

Rice: Yeah, the workouts were so intense.

Q: Like what?

Rice: Basically it’s a lot of cardio stuff. And just different things. Sledgehammers involved. It’s all kinds of stuff.

Q: Sledgehammers?

Rice: Yeah, it’s real crazy.

Q: You worked out with Marion Barber, right? What was that like?

Rice: He reminds me of Adrian [Peterson]. He’s not going to give up at all.

Q: What is your reaction to all the Favre speculation?

Rice: I really don’t know anything about it. I’m just focusing on what I’m doing right now. We have our three quarterbacks right now in Tarvaris, Sage and JD. We have our OTAs starting next week so basically we’re just focusing on that. We’re not listening to what’s going on out there. What they do is their decision. Whatever we say is not going to have an affect on what our owners and our coaches think. We just try and focus on the things we have to do to better ourselves.

Q: How is the new blog and twitter thing going? (Here is the link.)

Rice: I try and keep them posted as much as I can because I know fans want to know what’s going on and what better way to connect with them. Let them know we still have football on our mind. I get a lot of questions on my blog. I’m not able to answer all of them, but I try my best to get on there and answer some every week.

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