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April 25th, 2009 – 10:30 PM by Chip Scoggins

Well, that was interesting. The combination of a late start to the draft, a later first round pick, massive internet problems in the media room and Saturday night deadlines made for one crazy day. To say that mine and Judd’s hair were on fire would be a major understatement.

We apologize again for not getting as many blog updates as we would have liked. We just faced a perfect storm of issues that presented certain challenges.

Anyway, wanted to bring you some quotes from today.

Here is some of what Percy Harvin said during our conference call with him: 

Q: Did you feel like you had to explain some things about off-the-field issues? There was a report of a failed drug test.

Harvin: Definitely. I respect the question. Growing up, I’ve always been good with getting things out in the open. I knew it was a question that had to be answered. I had no problems with answering it. With these coaches, I opened up to them and they opened up to me. When it got to those subjects, the only thing I could do was tell them the truth, be up front and let them judge me from there. We had a great respect for each other. Them picking me shows they believed in me. I got their back and they got mine. I’m just looking forward to becoming a Viking.

Q: What would you say to people who say that you are a risk as a draft pick?

Harvin: People have their own opinions. That’s why I have so much respect in Minnesota. They took the time out to send the head coach. Instead of scouts down here, I met with the coach. They really took time to dig in and see the real Percy Harvin. Like I said, this thing and all the high school stuff was just growing up. The issue, it was a mistake. I grew from it and I’m just looking forward to playing football.  

Q: Did you consider yourself as one of the best college football players last year?

Harvin: Different people have their views of who the best. I do think that I am one of the most explosive ones as far as getting the ball into my hands. Just being that I can do a lot of things those other receivers can’t do but I did think in my mind that a lot of receivers could do. With all that said, I never sat down and thought about that. I do think that I am one of the most explosive receivers and I think there a lot of things that I could bring to a team because I can line up in the backfield and as a slot and as an out. I think I have a lot to offer to a team.

Q: We all know how you felt about coach Childress, what did your mom think of him?

Harvin: We thought the world of him, like I said it goes back to as far as the top 10 or top 15; we were waiting for the 22nd pick.  We knew that the pressure wouldn’t be so much with Peterson and Bernard Berrian and the coach. We had so much of a good relationship we were texting throughout the whole thing. The visit we had here wasn’t sit down and talk football. We told stories, we laughed, we giggled, we played around. Like I said, I had a lot of faith that the number 22 pick was where I was going to land the whole time.

Here is what Adrian Peterson had to say about Harvin and second-round pick Phil Loadholt from Oklahoma. 

Peterson on Harvin: “That’s who I was hoping we were going to get. When the day started I didn’t think he would be around when we were going to pick, but thankfully he was. Clearly he’s a good addition and I look at him as a playmaker. He’s going to get a lot of chances in our offense to show what he can do and he’s going to be able to spread the defense out and give us another dimension. Defenses aren’t going to be able to give as much attention to the run with him on the field. He’s shown that’s he’s explosive and fast and I look at him as a game-changer. I wish him the best and I know he’s going to do a great job for us. He’s going to learn that hard work will pay off. To be great in the NFL you have to do the extra work on your own and know that playbook inside and out. His speed will help him adjust to the NFL, but it won’t be easy. If he can relax and play his game, he’s going to be fine.”

Peterson on Loadholt: “Phil’s a great guy and he’s a great addition. He’s going to make that competition at right tackle interesting. He’s a big guy and he’s only going to get better and continue improving. You think about him and Big Mac (Bryant McKinnie), with their size, and it’s a dream for a running back. He’s good in pass protection and run blocking, so I’ve had a big smile on my face since I heard he was our pick. I’m excited to have him come to Minnesota.”

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